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DevOps Enablement
Data Storage & Analytics

Fifteen years go, the majority of applications were business or productivity based. The proliferation of mobile devices and an insatiable appetite for new consumer apps demanded a new approach to software development. Innovation can no longer wait for the traditional waterfall approach to software development in which each subsequent phase of the development process must wait for its predecessor. Instead, a new holistic approach was necessary to encourage communication and collaboration among software developers.

Is this familiar?

  • A ticket-based approach to infrastructure delivery (vs. self-service),
    which impacts productivity and increases time to market
  • An inability to produce software quickly and efficiently
  • RA general lack of central governance and automation when it comes to creating new application environments which leads to developers using their favorite, often not well-integrated, DevOps tools
  • Difficulty modeling for legacy infrastructure and applications in your
    DevOps plans

Improve your time to market

DevOps Enablement

The effective implementation and usage of DevOps software will help automate the key processes in development, testing, virtualization, integration, delivery, release orchestration, monitoring and analytics to drive Agile transformation. This will help you get faster releases and accelerated time to market.

Data Storage & Analytics

With the cloud system, developers have access to an unlimited amount of testing and staging servers that enhance speed, enhance software testing, improve delivery, and increase productivity. Therefore, it is easier for them to keep up with the needs of consumers and remain competitive in the software industry.


An automated software development process helps maintain a version control system, a consistent code repository and ensures that building the software package is fast, allowing for testing results and implementing fixes multiple times. It also means the process of pushing software to production is automated.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Architecture and Design is the foundation for every Elysian project. This framework provides a comprehensive view of the inter-relationships of people, data, and technology by bringing legacy processes and applications together with new technologies to form a more seamless environment.

Enterprise IT Architecture and Design

Cybersecurity and Compliance

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Cloud Management and Governance

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Digital Workspace

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AI and Machine Learning

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DevOps Enablement

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Data Center

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What our clients are saying

“Elysian is very responsive to our needs, taking the time to understand our goals, both technical and
financial, and cater a solution to meet those goals.”

“Elysian is a partner like no other. They are always responsive and a trusted partner in any space. They work to get
you the right specs for your need, and support it. We truly value Elysian and all they do.”

“Elysian is a fantastic resource when working on a project, no matter the scope. Their staff is knowledgeable, and they take the time to find the best solution for our unique environment. You can tell that they really care about their customers, and it shows with their excellent level of service.”

How it Works



Our team meets with your team to assess the needs and determine the current infrastructure.


Personalized Solution

We compare options and recommend technology solutions and priorities for your specific company and business goals.


Integration & Implementation

Once a plan has been agreed upon we integrate into your team and begin implementation.


Continuous Engagement

We continue to support your digital transformation and help you successfully execute on business strategies.