Combining legacy systems with new technology seems overwhelming, but Elysian makes it easy.

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Reliable IT services expertise for companies with complicated needs

A lot of IT Consultancy firms have a rip & replace mentality when it comes to legacy systems and new applications. At Elysian Technology, we believe in fitting emerging technology at the right place, at the right time, for your business needs.

You don’t need someone to just sell you a product. You need an unbiased advisor that takes the time to understand your unique challenges and has the expertise and experience to help you make informed quality decisions about your IT needs.

Based in the Greater Boston Area but serving clients nationally

"Very smart team that designs custom solutions. They are very responsive and make the whole process very easy.”

"Expert services and consulting group. Great response and service. Fit well with any group and accommodating to any need.”

"Great knowledgeable company, customer focused customer friendly, with exceptional expertise in the field.”


Vendor Neutral Model

Because our team has a wide variety of experiences, we avoid vendor myopia. There will be a lot of opinions and discussion on how best to solve a problem.


Consultative Approach

Our team approaches each client with a collaborative spirit and and open mind. We are there to learn. We focus on your unique situation and your unique challenges. We do not believe in the existence of a one size fits all solution.

Our Values

Today Elysian Technology, a woman-owned business, operates under specific core values:


Unmatched Client Experience

Our clients are often surprised by our approach. They feel heard. They feel valued. And it's because they are.


Product Specialists

Our staff is made up former IT admins, product specialists from vendors, and engineers from other solution providers. This breadth of experience give us the unique positions of being able to see a challenge from it's many viewpoints.

It says everything you need to know about WHY we exist

In classical mythology the Elysian Fields was the paradise reserved for the heroes immortalized by the gods. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) was the first to summon “Elysian” as an adjective for the blissful quality emanating from such places.

As IT Leaders you may find yourself being pulled in many different directions. We believe that with the right partner you can feel less overwhelm (dare we say blissful?), knowing that they’ve got your back.

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Trusted Partners to IT Leaders

Audrey Burke
Founder, CEO

An eye for bold new approaches and a passion for building teams lead Audrey Burke to found Elysian Technology. Recognizing the challenges IT professionals face when choosing a partner coupled with the frustration partners face in the traditional VAR model, prompted Audrey to architect the consultancy based approach that is our foundation. This concept, along with our core values, has guided our growth from key alliances with vendors to strategic hires that share a passion for problem-solving and relationship building.

Audrey is responsible for the company’s direction as a whole as well as facilitating procurement and invoicing. Audrey has led the team at Elysian through our explosive growth as a premier IT partner in the northeast. As a woman-owned small business in the tech space, Audrey’s ability to bring people together to forge forward with a unified vision along with her drive for an inclusive, supportive culture is what sets Elysian apart.

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Shawn Burke
Founder, CTO

Shawn is the head of Elysian’s technical team. Throughout his career, Shawn’s focus has been on helping businesses improve through technology.  After starting his career in 2003 slaving away in a call center, Shawn set himself apart by leading with a vendor agnostic approach. Fast forward a couple years and Shawn began working with a CIO of a national amusement park chain to collaboratively develop the first kiosk systems for their parks.  Improving the customer experience was the business initiative, and Shawn knew the technology of the time could get them there.

After being a strategic partner in their success, he was hooked. With over 15 years’ experience in data centers, cloud infrastructure, and security solutions, Shawn continues to lead Elysian’s engineering team with a vendor agnostic approach.  Shawn has been successful by focusing on making his customers successful, one of Elysian’s guiding principles.

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Bill Burke
Founder, COO

After college, Bill started his career in technology manufacturing. He worked for a couple of companies before landing a job at Digital Equipment Corp. custom manufacturing group. Here he learned best practices of teamwork and customer interaction on complex projects. Once data center computers became commoditized, Bill moved into Enterprise Storage Sales for Digital.  Again, working with sales teams and partners to help customers realize the uses and value of the latest storage technology.

In 2007, Bill moved into partner sales and sales management, where he successfully led the company’s growth of 400% over 7 years. Bill developed a passion for helping companies identify new technology and the value it can bring. Bill has worked in cutting edge technology manufacturing, network storage, software defined servers, and more.   Bill has a passion for working with customer’s technology teams and helping them achieve their goals on every project.

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Jeremy Dobson
Director of Sales

A passion for gadgets, computers, and problem solving led into a sales career in Information Technology for Jeremy. He has been helping solve customer challenges for over a dozen years and currently leads a team supporting Elysian Technology’s strategic customers. Elysian’s consultative approach is what drew Jeremy to the company. Since joining the team, Jeremy has helped customers in education, DoD/Federal, and the R&D space modernize and optimize their IT departments and the way technology is leveraged within their companies.

Jeremy focuses on relationships – growing with a customer and understanding their environment and goals on a deeper level. He enjoys seeing the solutions come together during the post-sales and deployment process and is invested in a customer’s success. In 2019, Jeremy decided to resurface his educational background by getting elected to a position on the Board of School Committee representing thousands of students, teachers, and residents in his home city of Manchester.

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How it Works



Our team meets with your team to assess the needs and determine the current infrastructure.


Personalized Solution

We compare options and recommend technology solutions and priorities for your specific company and business goals.


Integration & Implementation

Once a plan has been agreed upon we integrate into your team and begin implementation.


Continuous Engagement

We continue to support your digital transformation and help you successfully execute on business strategies.


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