Business today requires you
to be a new kind of IT leader

Elysian can help you leverage legacy systems with
emerging technology solutions to drive innovation and business growth

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Improved Time-to-market
Increased Data Protection
Long-term Sustainability

As an IT leader you find more than ever, that you’re required to bring technology solutions to the table to support business goals. And yet, the abundance of new technologies combined with existing systems and processes has increased the complexity of your job.


Do you struggle with:

  • An explosive growth of data requiring management, protection and control
  • The need to provide DevOps enablement tools for agile software development
  • Valuable team resources allocated to less productive activities
  • Increased requirements for security and compliance features
  • Automating secure self-service for internal and external clients

All of this is making it difficult to keep up with the growing demand both internally and externally, let alone drive business innovation. You might feel pulled in a lot of different directions which can be frustrating.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Architecture and Design is the foundation for every Elysian project. This framework provides a comprehensive view of the inter-relationships of people, data, and technology by bringing legacy processes and applications together with new technologies to form a more seamless environment.

Enterprise IT Architecture and Design

Cybersecurity and Compliance

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Cloud Management and Governance

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

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Digital Workspace

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AI and Machine Learning

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DevOps Enablement

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Data Center

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You deserve someone in your corner

We know that today’s tech leaders are often expected to play a central role in helping their companies capitalize on new digital capabilities without having the time or depth of expertise to do it on their own.

At Elysian Technology our consultative, personal approach helps companies select, procure and implement technologies that enable business goals to be met or exceeded on time and within budget.

We provide expert insight and trusted counsel so that tech leaders feel confident in their decisions and their teams, and they don’t have to do it alone.

Federal / Defense
Software Development
Life Sciences R & D

Who we work with

We have years of proven results in helping our clients understand, manage and improve their infrastructure for better internal and external performance. With Elysian you get a trusted partner that is invested in providing the seamless support and experience you need to make the right decisions now and in the future. Choose a button below to see how we have worked directly in the following business segments.

Our Partners

How it Works



Our team meets with your team to assess the needs and determine the current infrastructure.


Personalized Solution

We compare options and recommend technology solutions and priorities for your specific company and business goals.


Integration & Implementation

Once a plan has been agreed upon we integrate into your team and begin implementation.


Continuous Engagement

We continue to support your digital transformation and help you successfully execute on business strategies.

Helping businesses shift IT from a cost center to a profit center

Today’s business has two separate and often competing IT operational requirements:

  • One is focused on providing stability and efficiency of the legacy applications that they are currently managing
  • The other is a more experimental, agile environment for software developers focused on time-to-market and rapid application development/evolution

This means that to a greater degree than ever before, technology groups must juggle these competing demands and integrate these new digital tools and approaches with existing legacy systems and methodologies – a task that isn’t always as straightforward at it sounds.

Elysian Technology is uniquely built to escort your company along these parallel tracks. We don’t just sell you an out of box solution and make it work for your business. We look strategically at your business needs and create a personalized solution that works for you.

Whether you are searching for support to start in the cloud, the best hybrid cloud solution, setting up a DevOps environment, cutting IT costs by modernizing infrastructure, simplifying data storage requirements or increasing your security and compliance protocols, we become an extension of your team.


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